Tuesday, May 06, 2008

when will it end?

my day just kept getting better and better yesterday. right before i left work, i got flowers delivered to me. they are so beautiful. i took some pics, but they just do not do the flowers justice. the arrangement is huge and very brightly colored. (that's my industrial size microwave under there.)

anyway, the manner in which they were delivered was a bit of a fiasco. apparently the delivery driver left them with someone at the front counter. that's where the problem started. my good friend who works up there saw them. she's possibly the most obnoxious person on the planet. so she's carrying them back to my Dilbert cube talking in her super loud voice about me getting flowers. curious co-workers began following her back. everyone wanted to know who got me flowers. by the time she arrived at my desk, there were about ten people standing there waiting for me to open the card. i didn't need to. i already knew who sent them. also, i don't like my personal life broadcast at work. in fact, i really hate that. so i had no intention of announcing the person who sent them. i was just going to tell a couple of my good friends, but everyone was just milling around waiting. even my supervisor was waiting. (the one that thinks i hate him because i left him that hate mail. he has only glared at me since then and has refused to speak to me, but suddenly he was chatty as he tried to find out who sent me stuff.) anyway, i was on the phone working and trying to ignore all the people crowded around when i heard my sup saying he was just going to open the card himself. that's when the office turned into a hostile work environment. no one would leave. why is my personal life of so much interest to the entire office? either way, i kicked everyone out after a while and opened the card and just showed my friends. everyone else can just go to hell.


Blogger Babeski said...

Those are beautiful flowers! I should have taken a pic of the one that was shoved in my mailbox this weekend. Well, I still have it...all wilted w/o a stem on the table next to me. Maybe I'll still take a pic.

5/13/2008 11:29:00 PM  

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