Monday, May 05, 2008

my weekend

so my weekend was interesting to say the least. i had planned a whole list of boring household chores to get done, and i didn't do a damn thing. i did, however, drink too much, get that much needed neck rub, and help Gold Digger get some of her shit done so the weekend wasn't a total waste. i also got a call from a friend who has been trying to get in touch with me for some time, and i hope to be seeing more of him in the next few weeks. i finally got the lawn service to come out and spray my Amazonian jungle of a backyard. and by "lawn service," i mean Dad. the lawn service will be out next weekend to edge and trim.

i just got another neck rub here at work! i'm on a roll. who needs to pay for massages when people just come up and give them for free?

back to my weekend, i did get some grocery shopping done which is nice because i was down to eating peanut butter from the jar for meals even though peanut butter makes me break out. so i have been making the best sammiches ever on my little sammich maker. in fact, just blogging about it is making me crave one. i also managed to shove a blanket in the washer but never got around to drying it. normally, i like to get the chores done on the weekend so i can veg after work every day of the week, but now i have to do the damn chores after work. plus, i feel self conscious because i've gained a couple of pounds so i have to pencil in extra time at the gym. this weeks sucks already, and it just freakin' started.

i know this post is a meandering one, but i'm pretty sure i killed some brain cells this weekend. and i'm in an oddly good mood for it being Monday. so either the world is catastrophically ending sometime today, or i am finally starting to relax a little.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was one for the books, thats for sure.

5/05/2008 02:54:00 PM  

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