Wednesday, April 23, 2008

life lesson #2

once i was in Vegas to see some friends get married. the whole trip was pretty much one big bachelor/bachelorette party rife with drunken scandal. anyway, one night we were in a casino and my brother hands me the phone. he says, "convince Dude to come down and party with us. he's already in bed. tell him to quit acting like an old man." i have no idea who this man is on the other line, but i assume it's one of the groomsmen or something. so i get the phone, but on my sexy voice and start talking dirty to entice him to party with us. it piques Dude's interest, but he says he's not coming down. no big deal, right? i hand the phone back to my brother and ask him who Dude is. turns out that Dude is acting like an old man because he is an old man! it's the groom's dad. so i feel really bad for acting like a big whore with him. my mistake with feeling bad was that i was picturing the groom's father to be like my father- gentlemanly and with manners.

cut to the rehearsal dinner which is held in a really nice suite overlooking the Vegas strip. i'm there with someone, but that doesn't stop Dude from hunting me down. he is about a thousand years old, and he's sitting next to me rubbing my leg. he tries repeatedly to get me to go tour the huge bathroom alone with him. i keep telling my brother to tell him something, but nothing helps. i spend most of the night hiding behind the bar drinking heavily. so that's life lesson #2: don't do any favors for Tangerine Dream...ever.


Blogger Michael said...

Are you ever going to stop teasing me about my age and those advances?

How do you expect a dirty old man to act?

4/23/2008 05:37:00 PM  

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