Sunday, August 31, 2008

birthday present suggestions

so people never know what to get me. really, i don't need anything. i have my weasel here at home, and i have great friends and family. i even have a great job. what more could i need? well if you absolutely must get me something, here are some ideas.

- gift cards. you can't go wrong with money. Chick-fil-a, Sonics, iTunes, Target, etc. i love iced tea and sammiches and stuff.

- beverages. i love me some Rockstars, coffee, beer. just buy me a case or something.

- body art. i love piercings and tats. take me to get one. just don't expect it to bear your name or something creepy like that.

- food. who doesn't love to eat? make me some dinner. i don't cook. people who cook are awesome.

- movies. i love movies. i'm dying to see the new Coen brothers flick that comes out the weekend of my birthday. how perfect is that? or we could go see The Dark Knight again. i've seen it twice, but i'm for a third. bring a thirty pack.

- massage. i need a whole body massage. i'm stressed. i'm pissed. i'm crabby. well, i'm always that way, but maybe a trip to the masseuse will help.

- trip. i love to leave this crap town. buy me plane tickets to visit you if you don't live here. or take me somewhere if you do. it's named Lubbsuck for a reason.

- candles. i live in the dark. light bulbs burn my retinas. i really like candles that smell like cookies or cake or something like that.

well these are just some suggestions. like i said, i don't really need anything. i'm pretty content.


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