Wednesday, July 23, 2008

don't even know why i bother getting out of bed

the past year or so has just sucked big time. what happened to my dull, boring life? what happened to the days when the most exciting thing to blog about was me falling asleep on a bus and waking up clear across town?

yesterday was a typical day and the most unusual thing that occurred was when i asked my nephew to bring me a drink during my lunch break, and he brought me a Bud Light. he didn't know why i laughed and said i couldn't drink that while i was working. (he's only four. he just grabbed a drink he knows i like.) but later that day, at work, i get news of my friends, who were coming back from vacation, losing a relative in a horrific car accident on the highway. i won't go into details because, quite honestly, i get physically ill just thinking about it. i cried and cried for my friends' loss. because i'm so close to my siblings, i guess it really struck a chord with me. losing a sister like they did would just kill me. i don't think i'd survive it. and there's nothing i can do but keep them in my prayers.

there's a lot that's happened here lately in my life that i haven't blogged about. it's dreary. it's depressing. but it has resulted in my insomnia becoming uncontrollable. in fact, it's gotten so bad that i am walking around in stupors and not remembering doing things until people ask me about them the next morning. just when i think things might be under control, something else brings me to my knees again.

i do plan on posting again later today with some pictures. my sister's house is a zoo again...


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