Tuesday, July 29, 2008

haven't forgotten

about my blog, and i'm technically still alive. i've just been preoccupied. also, i'm training peeps at work so i have not been sitting at my computer. here's a quick rundown of stuff.

- Tangerine Dream's puppy finally opened his eyes. he quickly yelped when he saw his owner's ugly mug and tried to seal them shut again.

- i have cool pics to post, but i need to get them uploaded first. i promise i will try to work on that this weekend. however, this weekend is also T.D.'s b-day celebration which is a known day of debauchery and mayhem so it may or may not happen.

- i'm still not sleeping. i'm also turning into a reptile. i put in a request today at work for a heat rock. no amount of lotion can save this dry skin!

- several people have told me lately that i'm beautiful. i look like a zombie. when did that become attractive?

- i'm going to stop paying bills like that douche bag on Office Space. i can't remember the last time i actually paid something. i have the money, too. i just don't feel like it.


Blogger Michael said...

I idolize Milton from office space. I even got a red swingline stapler to prove my love for the character.

Zombies are HAWT!!! Well... if they are the recently dead, no brains hanging out zombies. The ones that were infected while still alive... mmmm...

7/29/2008 04:03:00 PM  
Blogger Babeski said...

..death becomes her....

7/30/2008 12:03:00 AM  
Blogger Babeski said...

maybe you're prettier now that you're single!!

the captcha below reads:


that made me laugh.

7/30/2008 12:06:00 AM  

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