Wednesday, September 17, 2008


so after the 11th, my birthday just got better and better. the maternal unit made me tacos on Friday which were fab. and then a handful of us went and got drunk. on Sat, a good friend of mine had made secret plans for me. i assumed it was dinner and then a movie or bar or something after. well i was right. but here's what i didn't know... i walked into one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, and the hostess pointed to a corner. to my surprise, Tangerine Dream and his GF, Teeny, were there. i was ready to go get my grub on, but my peeps told the hostess we were still waiting for people. well shoot! who else was invited? my sister showed up next with little Cornelius. but we weren't done yet. friends started showing up. yowza! i wasn't expecting all that. kinda wished i had bathed first. JK i always bathe.

after we ate, we went to a bar where giant insects attacked us on the patio. so we migrated to a club where we drank all night for free. can't beat that. so it was a fantastic time. thanks to all the planning and stuff. my friends rock!


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