Monday, January 26, 2009

conversation of the day

this took place via text with a friend of mine.

me: i want cowboy boots.

peep: LOL

me: what?

peep: nothing. go for it.

me: i have wanted to embrace my inner cowgirl for years but have put it off. no more.

peep: yeehaw.

me: yeah!

(long time passes while i browse online.)

me: man, boots are expensive.

peep: you are kidding, right?

me: about?

peep: the boots.

me: no! i want to boot scoot.

peep: i see.

i had to assure him that my boots would match my NIN tees before he seemed to get on board. so i'm tracking some cool, scruffy ones on ebay. yeehaw!


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