Monday, December 22, 2008

my weekend

i got just about all my Christmas shopping done. i love buying toys. i am the person who tries them out in the store to make sure they're fun and then could fill up baskets with stuff. but i do use a budget to prevent that last part. i am actually tempted to keep some of the items for myself, and me and my peeps almost had to open one of the toys as we "needed" it on Saturday night to help with our conundrum. (more on that later.)

at Target i was gone scratching my ass. i looked over to see a man and his family with a horrified look on his face, and i laughed. i told my shopping buddy that i should not be allowed out in public. the sad thing is that i don't get embarrassed. i feel no shame. i just think it's funny.

i made the best cheesy bratwurst stew. of course, it has 6.5 billion calories per serving, but it was well worth it.

so Saturday, i decided to have that Dark Knight screening. i had a friend come hook up my equipment since i was busy decorating for Christmas. (my house now looks like Christmas threw up all over it.) we tested out the Blu-Ray player and all was fine. a few peeps came over that night, and we got all nestled in to watch the best movie of the year. about thirty seconds into it, we heard a loud pop and the screen went dark. my fucking projection lamp went out! we couldn't believe that it picked that time to do it. of course, no one in Lubbsuck has any in stock so i am without my TV for eternity and my peeps could not watch The Dark Knight. what a crock! so we almost dove into the gifts to get the much needed item to create a diversion so we could swipe a lamp from a floor model at Suck-it City. but we ended up chatting instead.

i hope everyone else had a great weekend, too. i'm in an exceptionally good mood as i start my vacation later this week. i foresee lots of reading, drinking, traveling, and good times in my near future.


Blogger mrb50tx said...

I think I saw more when watching the trailers

12/23/2008 02:57:00 PM  

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