Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i'm here!!!

well, again, it's been a while since i've posted so this one will be a mash up of info that has been haphazardly thrown together just to let you guys know that i haven't died or anything.

- Wed. are usually my grocery shopping days. however, my entire grocery list this week consists of "booze." so that should be pretty easy.

- i know i haven't posted my New Year's resolutions yet. i should prob add "stop procrastination" to them, but i won't. i know my limitations.

- i hate coming back to work from the holidays because everyone asks, 'how were your holidays?' it's not that i had a bad time or anything, but i hate small talk. i'm sure they don't really care if it was good or bad or spent lying in a gutter in Vegas. so i purposely sigh really loudly before answering. the sigh has two purposes. one, it lets people know i'm bored with the conversation. and two, if it's a nice long drawn out sigh, i am well down the hall before i am obligated to return the favor and ask about their holiday thus saving me from having to hear their response.

- my new Blu-ray player is awesome! i don't turn on my sub anymore ever since my neighbor complained about the vibrations. but she still came and complained during The Dark Knight screening that i had! and there was no sub on. the sound quality is so good that the house was rockin', and she came a knockin'.

- i have been writing strongly worded letters to plenty of businesses lately. i'm a fan of the strongly worded letter to emphasize good or bad service, products, etc. i've received plenty of responses and even some freebies. really that's not why i do it, though. i do it because people should know if their businesses suck or are excellent or whatever the case may be.

- i've been feeling super restless lately. i almost went out of town for New Year's, but then i decided to take it easy and stay home. boy, was that a mistake. i need to go visit people or something. and soon. anyone out there needing a dose of Christine for the weekend? (don't everybody pipe up at once...)


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