Friday, January 23, 2009


-this week has been exceptionally good even though i have been on this low carb thing. i normally do my chores on Saturdays, but i have been doing a little each night so this Saturday i can laze about or hang out in coffee shops or whatever.

-i'm still on this devil diet. he is probably prancing about and waving his pitchfork around while us humans suffer without sugar. i had headaches the first two days, but i'm feeling better now. aside from the really strong late night cravings, i am learning to cope. luckily, i never drink sugary drinks or soda. and i only drink sugar-free Rockstars. that fact alone has prob been my saving grace. we did, however, have birthday cake and Krispy Kremes in the office this week. i was tempted to stick my face in the frosting of the cake, but i controlled my impulses and did not eat any! i cannot believe i have that much will power. also, i can't have alcohol for two weeks. oh, the agony! and afterwards i can't have any thing carby (yes, i just made up a word) like beer so straight vodka it is!

-for my MySpace mood today, i put "blessed." i then changed the little icon to a devil. i figured that would keep my peeps scratching their heads in confusion.

-i have one Valentime's date lined up so far. i'm so excited! it used to be my favorite holiday until i couldn't really celebrate it. but now that i can celebrate, i'm really looking forward to it. i am sticking to the low carb thing so everyone knows that i'm not eating sugar or starchy foods. but anything else is fair game. i have really high expectations, too, so i hope no one lets me down.

-i know i've mentioned on here that my insomnia is cured, but i just don't think you a-holes that sleep well know what a blessing it is. this morning i woke up at 6AM thinking i had overslept because i felt like i had slept for fifty hours. i had gone to bed at 1AM. i slept like the dead. i have so much energy and am in such a better mood in the mornings now. (i won't go so far as to say i'm chipper in the mornings because i'm not a morning person, but you can probably say hi to me without me flipping you the bird.)


Blogger Michael said...

You have said precisely why I will NEVER go on a low carb diet.

My body requires 7-10 beers a week to function.

1/23/2009 02:21:00 PM  

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