Thursday, December 11, 2008

pointless rants

- i was in a foul mood yesterday. and a bill collecting agency called about a hospital bill from the emergency visit earlier this year. (i'm great about paying my bills, but if there is not an online payment option, i will put it off until they call.) anyway, i proceeded to take out my day's frustration on her and the sup she put on. i'm thinking she put the sup on because i was hostile. but really, the rep was a nosey bitch. i told her i didn't have my credit card with me so she gasped and replied, 'you don't carry it with you?!' what business is that of hers? when she wanted me to call her back on my lunch today, i told her that i didn't know if i was taking a lunch. again, she gasped, 'your job doesn't give you lunches?' i yelled at her that i didn't say that and for her to mind her own damn business. anyway, i yelled a bunch of other stuff because she was an idiot and because i was already in a crusty mood. by the time she put her sup on i told them both i was "over it" and "is there a point to this lingering conversation?" suffice it to say, i spread around my crappy attitude yesterday.

- so my office is pitted against our other offices in this Biggest Loser competition. yesterday, a giant bowl of candy appeared in the lobby. as i was pilfering through it, my boss yelled from her office about someone trying to sabotage us. i yelled back that i was falling for it. then i mumbled about my weak will power. when i left the office last night, the bowl was near empty so i decided to stock up. that's when i noticed my favorite candy, the Twix. i hadn't noticed it before which is probably a good thing or the supervisors would have seen a display of gluttony like they've never seen before. so i filled my pockets with all the remaining Twix and am currently stuffing my mouth with all of them at once. attractive!

- my new Blu-ray player arrived this week. as did my copy of The Dark Knight. i will have a screening at my house this weekend or next. everyone's invited. it's byob.

- i took my friend to the Holiday Pops concert this past Saturday for his birthday. it made me miss playing in an orchestra i'm considering taking lessons to brush up. there's something about playing that is very soothing. and, looking at most of my posts, i need a lot of soothing.

- last Thursday i was in a super crusty mood. i got up from my desk and went to get coffee. some jerk-off left a teaspoon of coffee in the pot and did not make more. how lazy can you be? the pot is hooked up to the water line and the pouches of coffee are pre-measured and sealed in a filter. all you do is push a damn button. so i make more and wait in the hall for it to brew. i guess my hatred for humanity was written on my face because my sup warily approached me and asked what was wrong. i proceeded to rant about the coffee when another sup just happened to be walking by. i yelled, 'was it you?!' poor dude. wrong place, wrong time. he assured me that it wasn't him. so the first sup opens his cup to show me that he doesn't even drink coffee only tea. that sets me off again. i ask him what's wrong with him and say that i don't trust those who don't drink coffee. anyway, everyone left me alone the rest of the day and Friday. i'm guessing word spread that i wasn't feeling chatty.

- so far at work today i have been called baby, witch hazel, and drumstick. i'm beginning to wonder if anyone even knows my name.


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12/13/2008 08:07:00 AM  
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Poor BB and Randy.

12/14/2008 09:56:00 AM  

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