Monday, February 09, 2009

christine the cook

i've learned something this past year, and that's that i am a damn fine cook. i'd always hated cooking in the past. i still don't always like to do it. but, for some reason, i have been cooking a lot more, and i'm really good. i think part of it is that i'm creative so i can fly really loose with the ingredients. anyway, my only problem is that i need new knives. i was trying to cut some jicama yesterday, and i might as well have been using a two by four to slice it. so that's on my next round of major purchases for the house. to go with my new picture taking self, i think i will start posting pics of what i cook to make you guys salivate.

of course, no carbs will be in what i cook (limited carbs to be exact) since i'm still on this devil diet. oddly, all weekend i dreamed that i was eating sweets. hot chocolate in one dream. my mom baked about fifty cakes in another. i'm pretty sure some candy was involved. very Freudian. but i have not caved!

the lawn service offered to come spray my weeds this coming weekend. i think i will make him some lunch. after all, it's better to cook for someone you love than just for yourself. i would like to make something sweet for him, too, since Dad loves the sugar like me. but i'd better not tempt myself.

*on an off note, my peeps and i are trying to plan our vacay for this summer. there's the staple Vegas. someone mentioned a cruise. but i kind of want to do something different. any suggestions? hopefully nothing too pricey as i'm (hopefully) buying a house later this year.


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