Thursday, February 12, 2009

crotch-less christine

so i wore some pants yesterday with a giant hole in the crotch. i was aware they were hole-y...this time. the last time i wore them, i was not aware of this air conditioning feature.

i found these pants in a storage box. (as i have been getting rid of things and cleaning stuff out.) they used to be my favorite pants back in the day. i had forgotten why i had stopped wearing them. i probably stored them to use them as laundry day pants or something. anyway, i decided to wear my old fave pants to a kids' birthday party. we went on hay rides and climbed hills. we pet crazy animals and swung on tire swings. the entire time i was flashing those poor tots and all of their parents, too. i didn't realize, until i got home, that i was missing a vital part of the pant structure- the crotch. let's see if i'm invited to future events.

but yesterday i had forgotten to do laundry. so i thought i'd just wear what i had. i sit at a desk all day so it's not like anyone would notice. maybe i'll sew a giant neon pink patch on there and just start wearing them every day.


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