Tuesday, July 07, 2009

very interesting

when people search for 'why do i attract weirdos?' it brings 'em right to my blog. that can't be good.

i've still been MIA because i've been super busy with work, but i'm taking a tiny breather today to blog a bit. i'm looking forward to a mini vacay that i'm taking in August. it's time to relax in Albuquerque. haven't been there in a few years so i'm ready to look at some Indians and eat some chilis.

i am covered in mosquito bites. i even have one on my ass. i'm not really sure how it got there as i don't remember sticking my ass in a mosquito's face, but alas, i must have at some point. i hope when i contract West Nile that they don't have to inspect the bite locations.

i ran out of checks. i never, ever write checks. the only thing i use them for is to pay my rent. for some reason i thought i had another book. so now, my rent is late, and i have to drag my mosquito bitten ass to the bank on my lunch for some temps. i hope i don't have to unleash my rage on a teller. i am not in the mood to deal with this crap.

i started to blog because, for once, it was slow at work. as soon as i start, it gets super busy. so this post probably sux and/or doesn't make sense. much like all the other posts i've ever written...


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