Friday, April 10, 2009

random crap

- don't forget that the March for Babies is right around the corner. several of you have already donated or promised to donate. any little bit helps. and thanks to everyone who contributes. it really does mean a lot to me. here's the widget again if you'd like to use it.

-i accidentally sent a mass email out to my company that was meant for my sister. luckily, it was a very nice email and was mostly recalled. normally, emails to my sister are filled with profanity, name calling, and bitter comments. that was a close call!

-i haven't been able to go running because ol' Lubbsuck has been experiencing 50 mile per hour winds for the past six years. if i'm not in condition to run the March for Babies, then i will take a peep with me and enjoy a nice stroll. unless it's windy that day, too. then i will those around me will be experiencing a lot of profanity.

-i am still on this devil diet. after the initial sugar withdrawals, it's actually a good way to eat. i do miss beer and cereal a lot, though.

-my peep at work just told me to turn my TV to a particular music channel. he said, 'i just recently saw this band. they are hardcore.' so i flipped it over, and it was Anthrax. i was perplexed. turns out he was not watching it live, and he was talking about an entirely different band.

-i know i said i was going to post more pics, but i can't seem to find my digicam. i always have it in my purse or near me, but it grew legs and walked away. until it decides that my house is a better place than the cruel world and returns home, i won't be posting pics.


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