Thursday, May 07, 2009

nephew hit by a truck

yes, that's right. the headline is no joke. i got the panicked call yesterday at work. at first i thought maybe it was only a small bump from a car in a parking lot, but when my mom showed up at the scene, it turns out that it was much worse.

luckily, it happened near a fire station, and the fire fighters were so great. they, along with bystanders and witnesses, began CPR and other emergency procedures to help, who i shall now call, Road Rash. (what kid who got hit by a truck doesn't deserve a cool nick name like that?!)

it was a long night. he has suffered multiple broken bones, tons of road rash, a possible collapsed lung, and (the biggest concern) a severe concussion.

the worst part was waiting as he was non-responsive until after midnight last night. once he began to stir, he was expectedly confused, but he seemed to be in good spirits. (he couldn't really talk as he was still intubated.) however, he resumed breathing on his own after a while so that's a good sign. more tests to come.

the support came out in droves. i swear that mini waiting room was no match for the people who love Road Rash. there must have been fifty or more people there for most of the evening waiting for him to wake up.

here are the local news links with video included. i'm wondering why i can't just have a non-dramatic life every once in a while. but i can't complain. as long as RR is getting better, i'm happy. i will tweet updates as i can from the hospital today.

local news story
another local news story

on a side note, his 8th grade banquet is coming up, and he was concerned that he didn't know how to dance. now he has a great excuse as he will be scooting about in a wheelchair for a while. he can tell people that he really can bust a move all Travolta style. he just can't show anyone since he got hit by a truck. maybe by the time he's healed up, they will forget his boastful proclamations.


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