Friday, April 17, 2009

April showers....

-it's been hailing and raining and otherwise wreaking havoc all over this p.o.s. town. i love the rain. the hail not so much. i got stranded at Jason's Deli yesterday while hail the size of fists pummelled my poor Honda outside. he has a thick skin, though. he can take it. and luckily, i was stuck with a peep and tons of sammiches. it could have been worse. i could have been stuck at work or at the doctor's office.

-speaking of the doc office, i had an appt with mine yesterday. he's so awesome. he's constantly wanting to set me up on dates with his other patients. i should let him. he knows their medical history, and i'm sure he would pick a good one. and i was so nervous before hand because i knew they were going to draw blood. but, i kid you not, this RN made the last one look like a butcher! this one did it on the first try and with no real pain. i was so relieved. it wasn't a spectacle of drama like last time.

-i updated my concert countdown. i'm getting super hyped about the show.

-i bought the cutest vanity. it's a nice, old piece of art deco furniture. i am going to try to refurbish it this weekend, weather permitting. if i can find that wandering camera, i will post pics.

-i have the strangest neighbors. for one, they don't have curtains. wtf?! why do i attract weirdos? two, the dude was outside yesterday night as it was raining/hailing and singing loudly. i think it was a country song, but it was hard to tell over my TV and the weather.

-i'm working on my script diligently. okay, not diligently. but i am working on it. i have a hot, coffee date tomorrow where i will either be working on it or working on this blog. i need to update it really badly.


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