Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i hate my friends.

bitter half is very social. he has friends every freakin' place we go. you may think i exaggerate, but trust me. even if we're in a different city, he knows someone. in the very rare and possibly miraculous instance that he doesn't, he makes a friend by talking to someone. he's my complete opposite. i hate everyone, and i don't want to make new friends. when i don't know anyone somewhere, i'm grateful because then i don't have to make idle chit chat. i'm happy at home, and i generally only enjoy socializing when i'm out of town. oddly enough, however, and despite all my efforts, i make friends easily. people gravitate towards me, and somehow my bitter and spiteful attitude is embraced. last year, when family issues and stress at home and school tried to do me in, i pretty much cut my friends out of my life. it was them or me, and i obviously chose me. now i'm wondering if i should quit being such a loner bitch. i joined a blogging community (which you may have noticed is causing more comments than usual.) however, some people may feel that an online community is not really socializing seeing as how i can do it while eating cereal out of the box and watching Law and Order from the corner of my eye. so i'm going to start calling my friends. where do i start? should i contact the ones i've alienated the longest? or, maybe i should begin with the ones i "like" best. perhaps alphabetic order is the way to go. better yet, i have a friend coming from out of town to stay with me this week so maybe that's enough socializing, and i can put this chore off another month. i think this last option sounds best. back to blog surfing it is!


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