Sunday, June 25, 2006

i'm being nice for a change.

you know how Oprah does an annual "My Favorite Things" episode and then proceeds to lavish her studio audience with one of every item? this post works under that premise only you're not getting shit so here goes:

Powdered Sugar Cookie all in one bubble bath, shower gel, and
shampoo- if you're not using this delicious product to cleanse yourself, you're leading a sad and meaningless life, my friend.

2. Glaceau peach fruitwater- since i beat my Coke addiction years ago, i rarely indulge in sweet drinks (unless they're equally proportioned with alcohol, but more on that topic some other day...) i usually stick with water and unsweetened tea because now most beverages are too syrupy for my taste. this one, however, is perfect.

Slow Cheetah off of Stadium Arcadium- it's quite catchy, and i do believe i've had this damn song on repeat for about fifty days straight.

4. weasels

5. ergoboards- once you go erg, you never go back. i can type sixty billion words, and my wrists never hurt. it's the only kind i use.

Kevin Spacey- i'm not too keen on this new Superman movie coming out because i don't like change and ol' Christopher Reeve had to kick the bucket, but i'm going solely to watch Kevin as Lex Luthor. he's hot.


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