Wednesday, September 13, 2006

go away

i had a doc appointment this morning so i squeezed in an early bird workout with Tangerine Dream. i should have gone to work instead because i've been shirking this week, and i will regret it come payday. i'm already wondering how the hell i'm going to finish paying for this semester, and don't get me started on what i'm going to do for the next one. and i still want the new iPod. what was the point of this post? oh, yeah- the gym. so i'm kicking my ass on the eliptical trainer and making my ears bleed with the Deftones. all is good with the world. that's when a group of women shows up and gets on the neighboring machines. they're talking so loud that i lose my Zen state of mind. it's not just the two next to me. there's a woman on the row of treadmills in front of ours who is turning around and joining yelling in their conversation. i can't very well turn my iPod up anymore because it's already at near concert level. i mad dog the one in front when she turns around, but she's a buffoon. it's my opinion that if you are not short of breath and unable to hold a conversation, you are not working out. go the hell home.


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