Tuesday, January 09, 2007

stupid project

my goal over my vacation had been to work out, watch movies, and start putting stuff into storage, but i was really too sick to do anything except mope and moan. (although i did get to watch some movies such as King Kong which just made me sad for the poor misunderstood ape. Skinimax, who is not one to miss a good segue, promptly showed Kinky Kong right after...) so i just started to box stuff up, and i start school tomorrow. only a dumbass such as myself would start a project on the eve of a killer semester. anyhow, B.H. and i have outgrown our small apartment, and i want to be ready to leave this God forsaken town the second i graduate. i'm pretty much throwing anything smaller than a sofa into a box and putting it in storage, excluding my weasels. i hope i don't regret this undertaking later.



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