Tuesday, April 24, 2007

random thoughts

- i'm so pathetic. today i was so excited. about what, you ask? about the new Heroes episode. when your life consists of fifty thousand thesis papers and a neglected novel, things like Heroes are reasons to live.

- although i've been enjoying the new NIN CD, i personally think that The Fragile is a masterpiece that even the master cannot beat. years later, i am still amazed each time i hear it.

- i'm on a Red Bull, Rockstar, and pretzel diet. yes i know it's not healthy. i took a nutritional sciences class. unfortunately, my schedule only allows for energy drinks and little twisted pieces of bread. okay, so that doesn't make sense, but i've been working on my Ulysses paper. that's as coherent as i get right now.

- i'm pretty sure my sister and i embarrassed my classmate at Starbucks today. we were being our usual selves, but i forget that some people care about what other people think. and i guess staring, pointing, and laughing at other people is not socially acceptable behavior.

- i dyed my hair black. i don't remember if i've mentioned that yet or not. i kind of like it dark all over. i feel like a new me just in time for graduation. but i'm thinking of streaking it with some obnoxious color so that everyone can distinguish me as i walk across the stage to get my faux diploma. (you have to go get the real one later. what a gyp.)

- this post is stupid. i just didn't want anyone to think i kicked the bucket. the wabbit kicked the bucket. the bucket kicked the wabbit. i need sleep.


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