Saturday, May 12, 2007


sorry i've been such a douche bag by not posting. today was my graduation, and it was nerve racking. i'm not sure why since this should have been the easy part. it was hot and the lights were making me dizzy and i had to pee. nonetheless, it went faster than i had imagined considering about 6.2 billion students were graduating. Bitter Half and the family took pics so hopefully i'll get those posted soon. i'm also getting rich since monetary gifts seem to be the norm for college graduation presents. i have enough for a down payment on that Jeep that i've been eyeballing. so i guess the big question now is, what the hell am i going to do? who knows. i just want to relax, work out, and watch TV for a while. i'll be celebrating tonight with some friends and family so i will probably be hurting tomorrow since my liver is out of practice, but i'll try to get those pics up anyway. ciao!


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