Tuesday, May 15, 2007


so i haven't checked my blog stats in about thirty years. i'm scoping them out today, and i'm getting some wierd visitors. there are some hits about pee, poop, and a lot about leg dents. i'm not sure when my blog became so juvenile so what's up with the bodily function hits? and as for these leg dent problems...maybe they're something i should look into instead of dismissing them as my own freakish physical traits. who knows, but i'm a bit of a crabby patty today since i took something to help me sleep last night. i'm still groggy, and it's freaking 4:30 in the afternoon. i can't work like this, and i probably can't go to the gym like this. last week i got into a fight with my spin bike and lost so i'm hoping that incident won't repeat itself today. i'll keep you posted.


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