Monday, May 14, 2007

my mouf is dumb.

i just got back from the dentist, and my mouth is numb. i know i said i'd post pics, but i'm also a liar so there. i will attempt to do that as soon as possible which means after i watch a semester's worth of DVRed episodes of Days of our Lives.

so i got up early and went to get some dental work redone. now i'm at home. i have nothing to do. it's weird because i'm kind of bored. i'd go to the gym if i didn't think i'd drool all over the weights. maybe i'll take a nap or go look at the dogs at the pet store. speaking of pets, i was browsing houses until the wee hours last night. (i'm sure that segue made no sense to anyone but me.) i think i'm going to call my realtor friend and go buy me one. apartment living is for the birds!

i hope everyone is having as fabulous a morning as i am. (well it was fabulous minus the sixty inch needle that stabbed my jaw earlier.) i need to go stuff my mouth with cotton or something.


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