Monday, July 09, 2007


-i'm on the next book on my summer reading list. i ordered the group of books from Amazon, and for some reason, one of the books i ordered is the large print edition. i must have bought it by accident or because it was cheaper or something. apparently "large" means "so humongous you'd be embarrassed to read this book in public for fear that everyone will think you're mentally challenged." it has about six words per page.

-my spider bites are getting better finally. for anyone who cares, they blistered up into huge welts and then turned black. i know that sounds bad, but trust me. they're getting better. i should have documented it in photographs, but i didn't really think it was a memory i'd cherish. i'll probably wish i had taken pictures. i regret not taking pictures of my foot when i broke my toes in Vegas. my foot was entirely black at the time. actually, i might have taken a picture. i was probably too drunk at the time for my memory to be accurate.

-i hate my hair. i don't know what color to dye it or what length to wear it. it's a conundrum.

-it's about time for my weasels to get their annual shots. they look so cute when they're running around on the examination table, and then they make loud noises when they get stuck with the needles. Simon remembers the vet's office. he hates it when we take him in there.

-i had to go get new license plates since one of mine was stolen. when i paid with plastic, the lady charged me a six percent convenience fee. it wasn't very convenient in my opinion and told the lady as much. then my sister and i pretended we were lesbian lovers and mentioned artificial insemination to explain her pregnancy. the clerk was gossiping about us before we'd even left the office, i'm sure.


Blogger Michael said...

glad to hear the spider bites are getting better.

I know I would be documenting it with pictures. I know after I had my gall bladder removed I was all about taking pictures of the bandages... then when those came off the incision spots, covered with a little gauze that was basically glued on.

pure excitement.

7/09/2007 11:56:00 AM  

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