Monday, December 10, 2007

great weekend

i didn't get everything accomplished that i had wanted, but i did have tons of fun and got lots of rest.

-i never got a note on my door that my Dell monitor was shipped so i tracked the package, and sure enough it was left at my apartment office. when i went down to get it, i realized why no one took it up to my door. from the size of the damn box, you'd think i ordered a freaking mainframe. when i got around to unpacking it, i realized why the box was so big. Dell sent me an extra wide one. just picture a full length dressing mirror on its side. i'm going to try it out to see how i like it.

-i won an XM satellite radio for my car. we played the Price is Right at my office Christmas party, and every year the company gives away a lot of nice items. i fared well, but i'm not sure if i will keep it. i don't spend too much time in my car. i'm going to decide if i want it or if i need to exchange it for something else. i can't really think of anything that i want right now, though. any suggestions?

-i had a coupon for buy one get one free at Bath and Bodyworks. Tangerine Dream was going to buy a candle (because he's testing the boundaries of his masculinity) so i just got the free item. there's nothing better than shopping and not having to spend money.


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