Monday, January 07, 2008

the dumb and the blind

yesterday i was shopping for cleaning supplies, and i was standing in the aisle of the dollar store wearing a jacket, some ridiculously wide legged pants, and a NIN shirt. i was also holding a little shopping basket. a stupid bitch came up and asked me if i worked there. i rolled my eyes and ignored her. but that's not even the worst of it. when Gold Digger was attempting to give birth last Friday and nothing was happening, we decided to walk around the hospital to see if the baby might drop a little. naturally, we stopped by the nursery to peek in on the less stubborn babies. there were two in there. one group of people was parked outside the window obviously cooing over their bundle of joy. then one old bag turned to my sister, pointed to the other baby, and asked, 'is that one yours?' now, i'm not one to be rude or anything, but G.D.'s stomach is freaking huge. her baby is like nine pounds and she has extra amniotic fluid. and it's not like she's fat so it's hard to tell she's with child. anyway, when the dumb bitch asked my sister if that other baby was hers, G.D. pointed to her stomach and said, 'no, mine is right here.' i really don't get how some people survive in this world when they are so damn dumb.


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