Monday, January 07, 2008

i do believe today is the happiest day of my life.

and let me tell you why. my washer and dryer were just delivered. now that may seem like small potatoes to the likes of many of you loyal readers, but it's not for me. it's huge! no more going out in sub zero weather to wash gym socks. no more lugging enormous laundry bags up and down fifty flights of stairs just so i don't have to go commando. no more digging into the depths of my purse for quarters to wash out the hair dye on my towels. nope. this is the life, i tell you. i'm blogging a mere ten feet away from my soon to be freshly clean clothes. and the weasels are loving it! (no, they're not in the wash. i meant they like all the exciting noises the machines are making. don't sic Peta on me yet.) i don't believe that this day can get any better!


a mere seconds after i hit the 'publish post' button, the UPS guy knocked and delivered my new bedding! this day did get better! now that i'm single, i got the girliest, cutest, pinkest, stripiest set at Target. i plan to take a picture as soon as i get my desktop computer set up. yay!


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