Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a weight has been lifted!

free at last, free at last. thank God Almighty, i'm free at last.

and now the update that i promised you guys.

-my dad was almost dog food. there have been a rash of pit bull maulings here in good ol' West Texas, and Dad got in on the action. he arrived at work only to find a bunch of dead goats and pit bulls having a party amidst them. if i had witnessed that gruesome scene, i'd have jumped back into my car and assumed the duck and cover position until the cavalry arrived. but that's just me. here's the story if anyone wants to read it.

-Cornelius turned one month old on Monday. can you believe it? seems like just yesterday when i cut the cord and leaned in just to hear him whisper "caca" to my face. he's fitting in nicely with the rest of our potty mouthed family.

-i filled up my work gumball machine with green M&Ms. it's the color of love, you know. i'm only letting the hot employees eat them. if you hit all the branches of the ugly tree on the way down, then no M&MS for you.

-i almost burned my new house down to the ground. i'm not kidding. without going into any minutiae, let me just say that there was lots of flames, smoke, ashes, and panicking. i could envision the firemen rescuing me in their big, buff arms. but then i got the situation under control. the weasels and i are fine.

-i finally saw Clerks II. i had to keep rewinding the scene where Jay dances to Goodbye Horses in order to watch it again and again. i have not laughed that hard in a really long time.


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