Wednesday, January 23, 2008

random shit

- my glasses feel crooked. actually, i think my face was crooked when i got them adjusted, but now my face is fine. so my glasses don't fit anymore. how am i supposed to explain that to the eyeglass technician?

- i'm thinking of getting one of those fire pit thingies for outside. my new patio rocks, and i need to keep my peeps warm when they come hang.

- speaking of peeps, some of mine are having a "deep fried Sunday." apparently if i bring it, they'll deep fry it. i thought of taking my weasels, but they're not very meaty. i don't know what else to take. everything tastes better fried, though. can you just fry sticks of butter?

- i have been dying to see Juno, but i just can't seem to work it into my schedule. i have tentative plans on Saturday to go see it. everyone cross your fingers for the rest of the week to ensure that i make it. (your discomfort means little in comparison with my happiness, right?)

- i got to hang out with little Cornelius for a while yesterday. he's so perfect! i almost stuffed him under my shirt and stole him, but my sister has the eyes of a hawk. somehow she can keep up with her fifty kids and immediately knows when one has gone missing without permission.

- i was just talking to my coworker about my weasel's little teddy bear ears. just thinking about them made me happy.


Blogger Michael said...

Deep fried: twinkies, snickers, cheesecake, hamburger on a buttermilk biscuit with extra cheese, peanut butter and banana sammich, the scotch egg (soft boiled egg coated in breakfast sausage and... deep fried), corn dogs, marshmallows (messy), cheese curds, zuccini blossoms, cookie dough, pizza dough, burrito, mushrooms, gizzards, pig skin, bananas, plantains, peanuts...

really, the possibilities are endless.

1/23/2008 07:40:00 PM  
Blogger christine said...

i think i have one of each of the items that you listed every time i go to the local county fair with the exception of this scotch egg. sounds intriguing. i will have to add it to my list of possibilities.

1/23/2008 09:03:00 PM  

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