Saturday, January 26, 2008

my heart's all a flutter

i needed to go get something from the store, and i chose a particular one here in town because i had a coupon. i never go to that store because a friend of mine works there, and i never want to see him. you'll see why by the end of this post. anyway, i looked like crap and was hoping to just run in and run out. of course it was busy, and there were like two douche bags running the whole damn place so i had to wait for about six days to get help. i finally got the item i need, and i was home free because i didn't run into my friend. but then i thought to myself that i should look at one more item since iwas already there. i stepped into a main aisle to get a better look of the store layout, and who was coming right at me with a grin? my friend. crap. why didn't i leave when i had the chance? anyway, we talked for a long time. it was great. here's the reason i avoid him. we have a really strong, natural attraction to each other. we always have. we quit hanging out because i was in a committed relationship with b.a., and i didn't need the temptation. (of course, knowing what i know now, i'd have just kept hanging out with my friend, but that's a story for another post.) well the attraction is still there. even though i was sure i looked like death warmed over, he told me i was just as beautiful as the day he met me. and he even commented on my glasses. yay! i knew i did a good job picking them out. but i digress. (by the way, the reason we never hooked up was because when i was single he was always in a relationship, and when he was single i was always in one. but now we're both single.) when we finally parted ways, i could not even think straight or keep the smile off my face. so now the real question. should i call him or avoid him like the plague? i'm terrified of getting into something i can't handle right now. but it was so great seeing him. also, rebound relationships never work. but who said i wanted a relationship? my New Year's resolution was to be a big ol' slut so who better to kick it off than with someone i already know and trust? i don't know what to do so i'm going to go cook dinner and relax and see if the answer comes.


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