Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what was i thinking?!

i went shopping today for low carb stuff. i also slept in. which means that even though i bought lots of crap, i didn't have time to eat. but that's not why i'm super grouchy. i'm grouchy because i can't use my blueberry cobbler creamer. i don't mind drinking my coffee black, but my creamer is really the best part of my day. and now it's gone. you never know how much you love something until it slips away... well anyway, Gold Digger started this stupid diet yesterday which means she's already delirious from lack of sugar and starch. i got an email from her that said:

you know, i just noticed that [Cornelius] looks a lot like Matt Damon. =) seeeeeeeeee?

is this what i have to look forward to tomorrow? craziness and weird new hobbies? yikes.


Blogger Michael said...

every time i see that picture, I think of the movie "Team America: World Police"...

2/22/2008 04:36:00 PM  

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