Monday, March 31, 2008

feeling the urge

i'm feeling the urge to blog, but i just painted my nails so i'm typing like an invalid. if this post is chock full of nuts typos, then just deal with it.

i cut my hair, and it looks super cute. one of my coworkers said i look like a Charlie's Angel. i'm pretty sure that's a compliment. i also got it thinned out because i have massive amounts of hair. so it takes a lot less time to wash and dry now. super!

my vacuum was smoking this weekend. that's not a good sign, i'm sure. i was going to just keep using it anyway, but then i decided i'd better not burn my place down. i almost did that once already, and it's not as fun as it sounds.

ScriptFrenzy starts tomorrow. i haven't decided if i'm doing it this year. on the one hand, i have nothing better to do that sit in coffee houses and write to my heart's content since i'm done with school. on the other hand, it's a lot of freakin' work! plus, i don't feel creative right now. i find it hard to believe that my creativity will spark up overnight and make me change my mind.

here recently on this blog, i've referred to my friends as "drunken buffoons" and "worthless life suckers." apparently friends don't like that much seeing as how one asked me into which category he falls. because i'm honest, i replied that he is both. that'll teach him to take offense.

it's time for another coat of polish so i gotsta go.


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