Sunday, March 02, 2008

one loooong night

my plan had been to relax and then catch up on my soap and on some rest. i figured maybe i was overdoing it at work and needed to spend the weekend chilling. so after a long day out shopping, i came home and read and took a nap. then i got up to watch my soap and enjoy a calm, quiet evening.

after a while i heard a lot of yelling. i figured it was an overzealous party somewhere. then i heard a little kid yelling, "help me! help me!" so i ran to my kitchen window, but i couldn't see because i have a giant tree blocking the way. so i grabbed my cell phone and ran to my side yard. did i mention i was in my underwear? i didn't run to the front because of my attire, or lack thereof, and because i wasn't going to get in the middle of it. i heard lots of yelling and some douche saying, "i'll come back and shoot you! i'll come back and shoot yo momma!" i don't know if he was telling the kid he was going to kill his mom or if he was threatening the grandmother. either way, i thought it was shitty. (by the way, i don't live in the ghetto. i live in a very respectable neighborhood.) after a while, the dude drove off. later i heard more yelling so maybe he came back. no gunfire though. i thought that surely my night would settle down after this, right?

i had some guys texting me all night. one wanted me to burn him a disc because my taste in music is so spectacular. and he likes to work out so he wanted some good, upbeat music. that wasn't so bad. another guy was offering to come give me a back rub since i had been so crabby all week. he was also texting me throughout the night trying to get me to go to the bar. that wasn't so bad either. at three in the morning, i thought it was time to turn in. that's when another guy started texting me.

i had just turned off the lights when i heard the text. i thought it was the drunken buffoon from the bar, but it wasn't. it was someone who wanted me to call him so we could have phone sex. in his own words, "i was watching Fight Club and thinking about fucking you." wtf?!?! why would a movie about beating the shit out of other people make anyone think of little ol' me? anyway, i didn't call him, but he called me. no, we didn't have phone sex, but we talked for hours. he drove me outside to smoke (in my underwear again.) i mentioned how i had been considering motherhood lately, and he practically volunteered for the job. he thinks our kids would be great, and i guess he likes the idea of being a dad. plus we get along fabulously and have great chemistry. but, as i told him, i just want a simple life right now. for once, i'd like things to be uncomplicated and easy. so maybe i will consider his offer at a later time.

so my night wasn't stressful, by any means, but it sure wasn't the epitome of quiet and relaxation that i had hoped. but that's okay. i feel very rested and ready to face the coming work week anyway.


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