Monday, March 24, 2008


- my phone battery died sometime early Saturday night. because my phone is older than God, it has a mind of its own. it will only charge on my work charger. i decided to just be without it for the rest of the weekend. the second i plugged it in this morning, it started announcing my billion text messages. i should start turning it off every weekend. it was nice not hearing from anyone.

- i have mixed feelings about the Futurama movie. while it was glad to see my old cartoon peeps, they really weren't showcased enough. the movie was too busy bringing back every recurring character on the entire series. there wasn't near enough of that senile old professor or the disgusting Dr. Zoidberg. (although the one scene that made me laugh the most was when he was yelling at Leela to stay out of his Dumpster.)

- i got a new computer at work. it's much better, but i had to get a new keyboard to go with it. it's one of those fancy, schmancy keyboards with fifty thousand unnecessary buttons. that's not what really bugs me, though. i use the function keys a lot. and these function keys are about two millimeters to the right that my old keyboard. you may think this is nothing. you think wrong. i type a lot, and i type faster than people talk. so when you move keys over just a tad, it really throws me off. i'm this close to taking this keyboard to IT and shoving it.

- i woke up energized today. i am full of optimism and happiness. we'll see how long it lasts before i revert back to a bitter, hateful bitch.

- i've always wanted a guinea pig with crazy hair. i pine for them at the pet store. anyway, guess who got one? not me, but it's pretty damn close. Gold Digger! so i've been hanging out at her house holding him and loving him and feeding him carrots. his name is Earl. since G.D. has fifty kids, he's always running for his life, but i think he already knows me. he knows i'm not one of his tormentors. so he sits on my tummy while i pet him, and he makes cute little "happy" noises. he's a brownish color with one big red spot on his rump. he's unbelievably cute.


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