Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i haven't really had access to my work computer which is where i usually blog. it's been excruciating. yesterday, i didn't check my email until around nine o'clock at night! i almost went into the DTs complete with convulsing and hallucinations. but i'm better now that i'm getting my fix. here's what's been up.

- last week Gold Digger invited me to dinner. she said, "we'll have pork chops with Shake-n-bake!" so i said hell yeah. then when i got there, i had to cook the damn dinner myself. i guess that's better than when Tangerine Dream invites himself to dinner and then 'forgets' his wallet at home. besides, i've gotten where i really enjoy cooking.

- i stayed up late the other night with insomnia. i noticed that The Last Temptation of Christ was on. i'd never seen it and was curious as to all the hype and controversy so i tuned in to the latter half. you know what i found most shocking? it wasn't the blasphemy, insinuations, or nudity. it was how young Willem Dafoe looked. when did he turn from a handsome man into the Cryptkeeper? (just kidding. i love Willem!)

- last night i got home to find a padded envelope in my mailbox. inside there was a condolence card from the vet. it was signed by everyone in the office. there was also a something wrapped up in tissue paper. when i looked inside, it was a clay imprint of Macaroni's little paws. it had her name on it, too! i was so happy. i will post a pic of it as soon as i can so everyone can mist up with a tear.

- i got an unexpected check last week. now i have mad money, and i can get awfully mad (in both the anger and insane senses of the word.) so what should i do? hire a non-English speaking male masseuse? fly to Austin to visit my peeps? buy my weight in Krispy Kremes, Rockstars, and Starbucks lattes and gorge like there's no tomorrow?

- i had my whole family over to my place on Sunday. everyone was there except Tangerine Dream. it was kind of an impromptu get together. somehow he knew and called me to ask why he wasn't invited. this incident isn't the first time he's done this. he drove by my mom's once when everyone was over there and another time he did it when i was over at my sister's. i'm beginning to think he just drives up and down all our streets to see who's where and what's what. creepy!

- Simon is doing well without his partner. i'm glad. he's been cold, i think, though. he's used to having a snuggle buddy. he's been sleeping all curled up shrimp-like. but he's been roaming free a lot, and we've gotten a lot of one on one time. he likes to sleep in my lap, too. i bought some hoodies with kangaroo pockets so he can learn to travel around in there with me while i go about my business.


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