Friday, April 11, 2008

cutting people out

i finally got a new phone. mine just wasn't holding a charge anymore after it went for a swim in my purse. (if you're wondering why my purse was a pool, don't ask.) anyway, i hate putting in all those phone numbers. Sprint says they'll do it, but i'm pretty sure no one has ever actually had it done. there's always a reason why the numbers can't be transferred. i've decided not to add any phone numbers. if people call or text me, then they're in. if not, then forget it. i probably don't like you anyway. i have other things to be doing besides keying in phone numbers to douche bags who probably shouldn't even have my phone number to begin with.


Blogger Michael said...

but... but.... but...

Whenever I call you I *67 it and just breathe heavily into the phone, and occasionally ask what you're wearing.

Now how am I supposed to get all those calls from you?

4/12/2008 03:17:00 AM  

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