Wednesday, April 02, 2008

so happy together

i feel bad for my Simon because i'm never home. i work all day, and then i'm gone most of the evening. when i'm home, however, i try to let him out of his cage as much as i can. he's old, though, and he gets tired so i often find him lying down somewhere after about thirty minutes of free reign. either that or i hold him for a while until he gets his second wind. anyway, since i'm always rushing in and rushing out, i think he gets sad. he sees me and perks up only to see me rush out the door again. so yesterday i put on a hoodie and stuffed him in the pocket. then off we went. i was going walking with my sister and her fifty kids. we've had really beautiful weather lately so i've been making the most of it. anyway, we went on a walk for about an hour. Simon loved it! he especially liked the evergreen trees. whenever we'd walk by one, he'd stick his neck out really far to smell it. it was a little cold in the shade, and Simon is missing a lot of fur in his golden years so he'd retreat into my pocket until we were back in the sun. we got a lot of stares, and one of my nephews told me i looked fat with Simon in my kangaroo pocket which just made me enjoy the experience all the more.

i was only going to blog about our walk together, but i also had a dream about him last night. it was more like a nightmare. anyway, i found Simon with gashes spanning the width of this body so i rushed him to a vet. the vet diagnosed him with leukemia. (weird diagnosis for a weasel...) from then on, he got progressively worse. he couldn't eat, drink, or regulate his body temperature after a while. i had to hand feed him and keep him close to me so he wouldn't get hypothermia. then for some reason, i had to flee the area with a bunch of other people, and i had trouble taking care of Simon on the run. i know this dream sounds outlandish and odd, but while i was experiencing it, it was heartbreaking.


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