Monday, April 07, 2008

work shenanigans

- since we keep passing the same damn illnesses back and forth at the office, someone had the brilliant idea of installing these humongous hand sanitizers in the hallways. then they sent out an email encouraging us to use them. i love the idea and use them all the time since i have a weird aversion to microbes. well the other day my peep went down the hall to relieve herself because she's a thousand years pregnant and is becoming incontinent. on her way back, she always uses the sanitizer. when i heard the giant dispenser go off (it's an automatic one,) i yelled, "put some on your face, too!" turns out the person i was yelling at wasn't my peep. he gave me a weird look as he walked by. i just shrugged my shoulders as if what i had said made some kind of sense.

(okay after i posted this entry, i heard the hand sanitizer thing go off again. i looked up, and it was that dude who came back to tell me that he'd put some on his face this time.)

- i was on the phone with another peep who jokingly implied that i favored him. i yelled, "who thinks that?! tell me who said it, and i'll go punch 'em in the eyeballs!!!" suddenly i heard my boss from the other side of my Dilbert cubicle say, "there'll be no punching in the eyeballs, Christine." oops!


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