Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i spackled my crack.

let's see. where do i begin?

- i was super excited about the Heroes premier, and it was pretty darn good, if i say so myself. today is the Criminal Minds premier, and i can't wait!

- i have a nerve issue in my wrists. i see a specialist next month. will keep you guys posted, but it's probably carpal tunnel syndrome or something similar. it's been a problem for a few years, but all the recent painting has reduced my hands to useless claws.

- what painting, you ask? let me tell you. i am helping to renovate a house. it's a lot of hard work, and i'm not used to manual labor! but really it's kind of fun. i enjoy doing it. but it's hurting my hands. other than that, it's not a problem. (that's what doctor's and prescription medications are for...) i plan on doing some drywall later this week. who knew i was so handy?! i will definitely have before and after pics here soon.


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