Wednesday, November 12, 2008

found my newest forte

remember a few weeks back when i mentioned that i helped renovate a house? well here are some before and after pics. we actually did the work in a matter of weeks, but i'm just now getting around to posting the pictures. there is still more work to do so i will post the parts that are done.

THE BIG ROOM (so named because it's big.)
before: it's hideous, obviously. the hardwood floors were partially painted white. don't ask me why. the walls were full of holes and looked like crap. the tiled ceiling was literally sagging and about ready to collapse. everything was filthy. don't ask me what that turtle thing is. he was posing for the pic when we toured the house.

after: ahhh! look at that beautiful carpet, and the soft beige walls. the ceiling was ripped down and sheet rocked. then it was lovingly popcorned. we cleaned and spackled and repaired, and now it's a great cozy bedroom!

THE FRONT ROOMS (bedroom and living room)
before/after: i don't have the before pic of the living room, and i don't have the after pic of the front bedroom. but just imagine them both looking like crapola before and stunning after. the living room had been stained a tobacco. literally.

before: the kitchen was, by far, the most daunting task in front of us. i mean, just look at it! there was a giant hole on the floor, the metal cabinets under the sink were rusted out. there were literally four layers of linoleum on the floor. everything was covered in grease and needed scrubbing and painting. just typing all of that made me tired!.
after: man, look at that awesome kitchen/dining area! we totally redid the floors after tearing up a half a century of decrepit linoleum. we patched holes and put in new appliances. doesn't it look great?! (that is not a dead body on the floor. i think that's my sister's father in law. i can't say i recognize his ass, but i think he was doing some work under the sink at picture time.)
we also changed the house from a gas/electric to a complete electric and put in a new sewer line. two rooms and both bathrooms still need to be redone, but we did a lot to make this house move in ready as fast as we could. i think we did good considering we had no previous experience renovating. yay!


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