Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pay the rent!

maybe since it's my post title, i will remember to do it this month and avoid last month's fiasco. what fiasco? let me tell you. last month, i kept putting off paying it. i was busy and lazy and never mailed it. my landlady lives in town so sometimes i just drop it off in her mailbox. well it was already the 6th, and i had not done so. i figured i would do it on the next day. this was about ten at night. i was drinking Kennys. sometime later i decided to look at my lease agreement which states that any rent paid after the 6th day is late and accrues a fee. well crap. by then i was pretty lit, and it was like one in the morning. i got in the car and off i went across town. i got to her street, but all the houses looked the same. so i was milling around, in the dark, trying to remember what her house looked like without raising suspicions from anyone. i finally stuffed the envelope in the one i was pretty sure was hers and crossed my fingers. she never said she did not get it so my drunken self was successful. i hope i don't have to do that again.


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