Saturday, February 07, 2009

seeing is believing

i forgot to post that another one of my resolutions is to take (and post) more pics. so without further adieu, here you go.

so i've got hidden talents. things such as the ability to cross one eye. or the ability to eat a Twix without chewing it. but here's one that is actually useful. i can knit. yes, that's right, i'm a knitter. i worked hard on a lucky scarf for a good friend of mine. and i only knit scarves for special people because i normally have the attention span of a fruit fly. anyway, here was the work in progress. i thought i took pics of the scarf completed, but i must have deleted them or something as i can't find them.

and i've already received a Valentime's gift! someone knows me well...

And finally, here are pic of the boots that i bought. will be great when i'm too hungover to lace up.


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