Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the new year begins in February.

so here are my New Year's resolutions that i've been meaning to post for the past year and a half. i've actually been doing them so it's not like i'm just starting them. i'm just now sharing them though.

-more writing and less thinking about writing. in fact, starting this weekend, i'm penciling it into my schedule.

-on the same note, i am writing more regularly to my peep in the clink. i enjoy writing, and i'm sure he enjoys reading what i write. and even if he doesn't, it's either that or count the cracks on the ceiling so i'm sure he'd rather read my letters.

-i have made a commitment to volunteer. that's right, i will be molding minds and tutoring. scary, huh? actually, i will be working with adults who can't read or can't read well and tutoring them. i figure if they're willing to learn then i should be willing to teach.

-well i've already mentioned this stupid diet. (and, yes, that's how i refer to it whenever i go out in public. if i have to ask the barista at Starbucks what i can drink, i say, 'i'm on this stupid diet, see?' or when i go to a restaurant, same thing.) anyway, i'm doing very well. i bet if i ever eat candy again, it will overwhelm my taste buds.

-i am still simplifying my life. that's something i started last year. i'm getting rid of everything. i'm giving most of it away. it's cluttery, and i don't care for it.

-and finally, and most importantly, i'm keeping my friends and family as my top priority. it's so easy in life to put work, life, guilty pleasures, poor choices, etc, ahead of what's most important. but no more. life is short. i am doing what i can in that short amount of time.


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