Wednesday, September 20, 2006

you can do it!

i almost ditched work again today, but then i remembered i needed copies of my short story so i came in to use the office copier. us poor folk can't afford to go to Kinko's. here's a list of things i need to get done ASAP so i can hit the fair on Sunday and not have anything eating away at me.

-another short story. this time it only has to be about 6 pages.

-a research article review

-finish reading 3 short stories

-read about 8 chapters in my two Psych books

-prepare for my first major exam

-attend a reading by Dorothy Allison

i also need to watch the new Criminal Minds. the season starts today, and i'm so excited it's sad. my trusty DVR will be holding it for me until i get home because i plan on hitting the gym or the park after work. yesterday, Tangerine Dream and i went to the park on campus and had us a power walk. (since T.D. was crampy we stuck to a brisk pace, but i'm tempted to see how fast i can run a mile.) who knew i could like the outdoors so much? it was really great. i need to take advantage of the pleasant weather before i have to hibernate. so, does anyone think i can actually get all this shit done before Sunday? i know i don't, but i'm going to give her the ol' college try...and i don't mean the kind that involves keg stands and crushed Ritalin.


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