Friday, October 13, 2006


well, since i've been too sickly to go to the gym, i'm putting myself on a diet. yikes. here i am at work craving Little Debbie brownies when i remember that my gut is starting to take on a life of its own. no one should have to turn down sugar. anyway, i will be on this diet indefinitely seeing as how germs have decided to take up permanent residence in my bronchial tubes. i almost passed out yesterday trying to climb the stairs to my apartment, and if the temperature hadn't been in the forties, i would have just layed there in the grass until Bitter Half came home and carried me upstairs. on top of such a drastic decision, i've also realized that i haven't really worked this week. i keep coming in early and leaving late, and now i need to make up my time so i will be here trying to kill 9 hours of my time by blogging. maybe there's a good movie on...


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