Tuesday, December 05, 2006

conversation of the day

i was watching Seinfeld and looking at my legs when i noticed an indentation on my right shin. i looked on my left to see if there was one there, too, and to my dismay, there wasn't. Bitter Half was in the kitchen.

me: there's a dent on my leg!

B.H.: what?

me: a dent on my leg!

let me see. he then proceeds to take a look. that's a muscle.

me: but there's not one on the other leg.

B.H.: well you're working out wrong then.

he then goes back to the kitchen.

me: you're rather nonchalant about me having a dent!

B.H.: it's just a muscle!

me: well do you have a dent?

B.H.: babe, i'm so ripped, i've got dents all over.

that's when i started muttering profanities under my breath.

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