Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the trip

well this past weekend was my trip to Dallas, and it had some pretty good parts and some pretty crummy ones. first of all, the weather was shit. subzero weather, fog, rain, and ice were in the forecast for the entire trip which meant B.H. couldn't play disc golf which in turns meant i was stuck spending time with him. just kidding. (he complains that i only write mean things about him on my blog so now i have to put a little "just kidding" disclaimer on my statements about him, but i'm not really kidding...)

on the way we saw a cool wreck. a whole bunch of semis were all smashed up. one had a humongous hole on the side of the trailer part, and a FedEx truck was laying on its side with packages strewn all around it. cool!

i wanted to hear Gnarls Barkley open for the Chili Peppers, and i did. but i wish i hadn't. my time would have been better spent in the bar, i think. the sound system in my Honda is better than the crap they had on stage, and i was very disappointed. the Chili Peppers, however, more than made up for that travesty with an awesome show. their stage set up had these huge overhead projections that jutted out about one third of the way over the arena floor and behind them as they played. of course, their playing was awesome as usual. as a bassist, i always admire Flea's amazing talent, and as someone who cannot play the guitar worth a poot, i admire John Frusciante, too. overall the show was fabulous. it more than made up for the weather.

afterward, we headed to the Lizard Lounge for naughty schoolgirl night. i was decked out in argyle tights, navy shorts, an oxford, and pigtails so i was ready. since i haven't been drinking a lot lately, i was moderating myself and watching my fluid intake. i didn't want to be the drunk a-hole who ended the night early by passing out on the dance floor. B.H., however, was drinking rum like it was necessary for survival, and suddenly he was telling me it was time to go because he was drunk. i flagged down Tangerine Dream, and we stared at B.H. in a dumbfounded way because we're always the ones who are drunk and causing disturbances. B.H. is normally the one who has to put up with our dumbasses. we had never seen B.H. this drunk before, and we didn't quite know what to do. finally we decided to head back to the hotel which is a good thing because that's about the time when B.H. started heaving. we called him Ralph for the rest of the trip. poor, Ralph.

the second we packed up our stuff to head home on Monday, the sun came out. nice. then, on the way home, we saw a whole bunch of semis turned over on their sides with their wheels sticking out in a sad display. the ice on the highway was more than they could handle, i guess.

i'm so tired and way behind on my homework, but it was good times. i'm ready to go back.



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